If we don’t vote, we can’t complain

Here’s the thing, I was formulating this great blog on a grassroots effort to encourage our State legislature to hold a special session for Medicaid Expansion.  But then Tuesday, May 1st happened.

If you’ve had been following, even minutely, during the weeks leading up to the Sumner County primaries, some campaigns turned really nasty.  The ballots were either uncontested or empty for the Democratic party.  But what disturbs me the greatly most greatly is the  turnout of voters!

According to the Sumner County Election Commission there were 103,214 registered voters eligible to vote on May 1.  14,446 cast votes.  Folks, that’s dismal. Less than 5% of registered voters in Sumner County exercised their constitutional right.

What’s even more disturbing to me was to see the comments on local “progressive” Facebook pages who were saying they weren’t voting because of an uncontested candidacy or because it was only county primaries and they were waiting until the “real” one in August.  Have we become complacent? It’s very easy to sit behind a keyboard to complain on a social media platform about our current administration or end a post with #BlueWave.  Have we become reactive instead of proactive?  Sure it’s easy to show up at a rally or vigil when the next tragic mass shooting occurs.  But how many of the thousands of us on these progressive pages have done door knocking, phone banking, post card writing or (gasp) run for a local office?

We have 3 months to be proactive for our local progressive candidates.  We have 6 months to change the culture in our Federal government.  Nothing will happen if WE DON’T VOTE.  With the advent of online voter registration through Proud Voter and Early voting most of the obstacles have been eliminated.  Let’s bring Tennessee out of the gutter in voter turn out.  Let’s get out there and work for our progressive candidates to get them elected.  But, most importantly, VOTE!