Mary Keller

My husband and I moved from Pennsylvania to Tennessee seven years ago so we could be close to our grandchildren. I had just retired from the Pennsylvania State Education Association after 26 years.

I have always been an advocate for social justice. I grew up in the 1960’s when the Civil Rights movement was in the forefront and clearly remember the activism and the assassinations and protests of that era. The transition of moving from a union/advocacy environment to a state that is deeply conservative has not been an easy transition. For me, connecting with Indivisible and like-minded people has been a God-send. Unfortunately, I’m limited to my participation due to my husbands health issues, but I attend events and provide support whenever I can. The current Administration’s goal is to dismantle many of the programs that have made our nation great. We CANNOT allow that to happen! This is why I support Indivisible.