Jordan Banks

I started to really pay attention to policy and government after my first daughter was born with a cleft lip.  I quickly realized that she would carry a pre-existing condition for life, and I was thankful for the protections contained in the then-new Affordable Care Act.  I began keeping up with the news, but was lulled back into complacency by eight years of an administration that I generally supported.

After the 2016 election I woke up like many people feeling shocked and scared.  I began hearing more openly racist comments than ever in my 30-plus years living in the South. It made me feel incredibly isolated, but then I began hearing whispers of “You like Bernie too?”  I realized I certainly was not alone, so I setup a Facebook Page for Indivisible Sumner County.  The page and group have quickly grown from a trickle to a flood of supporters and members.  Although it is stressful and exhausting, it is also one of the most exciting, fulfilling things I have ever been a part of.